About The Firm

Michael Fineman has the experience, qualifications and skill as a trial attorney to provide outstanding representation in a wide variety of criminal and family law matters. A former prosecutor since 2001 and criminal defense lawyer in private practice since 2004, he has handled thousands of cases in state and federal court.

While his experience provides insight into how to prepare an effect strategy for trial, he realizes on a personal level that you are experiencing a particularly difficult time. When you are involved in the criminal justice system or in family court, it is easy to become overwhelmed. At the Law Office of Michael Fineman, Esq. PC, you will receive effective advice regarding your legal options based on years of experience and an outstanding knowledge of the law. We are available to provide a personal, client-oriented service that puts your interests first.

Your Case Is The Only Case That Matters

While Mr. Fineman handles a broad range of cases, he treats all clients as if they were his only client. Facing criminal charges or going through divorce is one of the most difficult times in your life. It is a situation that demands a highly competent, experienced and above all, personally attentive lawyer. We provide that level of service for every client.

Building Relationships Through Trust And Open Communication

Mr. Fineman builds relationships with his clients based on mutual trust. He is respected by the judges he appears before, by his fellow criminal defense practitioners and by the prosecutors he defends against. This respect stems from his thorough preparation for every client and his willingness and ability to defend their rights to the utmost.

Most importantly, he tells clients the truth. Criminal defense matters are difficult, and divorce is stressful. We fight vigorously to get our clients the best outcome while always being clear and upfront about your best legal options moving forward.

Responsive And Prompt Client Service

The Law Office of Michael Fineman, Esq. P.C. is located in Manhattan and represents clients throughout all five boroughs. Call us at 212-233-4500 or reach us online here. We reply within 24 hours to inquiries and are flexible regarding our appointment times. To learn more about Michael Fineman, follow the link below: