In New York, DWI refers to the charge of driving while your ability is impaired or you are intoxicated. These cases are aggressively pursued in this state, so it is important to protect your rights with help from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Michael Fineman, Esq. has the unique experience of a former Vehicular Crimes Prosecutor who was assigned to the Vehicular Crimes Task Force while he was an Assistant District Attorney in the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office. As a result of this experience, Mr. Fineman received specialized training as a prosecutor in handling DWI cases, and now he puts that training and experience to work on his clients' behalf in order to achieve the best result possible based upon the individual circumstance of each case.

Felony Bump Up DWI Defense

In New York, drivers with blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent or higher can be charged with a DWI. Penalties with a conviction include license suspension, possible jail time and heavy fines. People with multiple DUI convictions, underage drivers and anyone caught driving with a BAC of .18 or higher may also face harsher penalties. In fact, a second offense within 10 years can result in a felony DWI charge, which can result in a four-year prison sentence with a conviction.

Michael Fineman is an accomplished New York City DWI defense lawyer who will vigorously fight for your rights at every step in the legal process. As an experienced trial lawyer, he will advocate for you in both negotiations and litigation. While no one ever plans on getting arrested for a DWI case, this is a frightening reality for people of all walks of life. Similarly, no one ever expects to be a repeat DWI offender, but if you find yourself under arrest a second time for DWI, if the first case was not resolved favorably, the government will likely charge you with a felony bump up DWI exposing the client the possibility of an Up State prison sentence. This makes it of the utmost importance to hire an experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney the first time, so that hopefully if there is a second time arrest, you are not looking at a possible State Prison sentence.