The Resources And Knowledge To Take On Federal Charges

Federal cases differ from state prosecutions in numerous ways. Federal sentencing guidelines can mean severe mandatory minimum sentences. The rules for trial are much different. And the U.S. government typically has a significant amount of resources with which to bring a case against you.

You need a criminal defense attorney with experience in federal court who is able to take on the U.S. Government. As a criminal defense attorney based in Manhattan, Michael Fineman has helped his clients protect their rights in the face of serious federal criminal charges for over 15 years. Our office provides a high level of personal service and dedication to every client and every case. Mr. Fineman will go above and beyond to fully understand your situation, address your questions and concerns and work toward the best possible outcome. He is an accomplished litigator who will vigorously fight for your rights and interests.

Strategic Federal Criminal Defense

There are unique considerations in a federal prosecution that must be taken into account in your defense. For example, federal sentencing guidelines will affect discussions with prosecutors. Attorneys unfamiliar with this process may not be able to best represent your interests during negotiation. In addition, federal charges often involve multiple defendants. Mr. Fineman has the knowledge and experience to minimize the impact of being charged with other individuals that often have higher levels of culpability than you do. Mr. Fineman will guide you in making strategic decisions that help put you in the best light with the U.S. District Attorney, the federal court, and, if necessary, the jury.

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Fineman is intimately familiar with how the government collects evidence and prepares a case. He uses his experience to guide clients throughout their criminal case, from initial investigations through trial. His practical experience and skill have led to successful outcomes against a variety of federal charges, from financial crimes such as insurance fraud to human trafficking.

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