Sex Crime Allegations Require Immediate Action

Without a forceful defense against sex crime charges, your life could be upended. From significant jail time to registration as a sex offender, there is never more at stake than when you are facing charges related to a sex offense. And because sex crimes carry such a stigma, it is vital that you begin protecting your rights immediately.

At the Law Office of Michael Fineman, Esq. PC, we treat every case as if it was our only one. This dedicated advocacy begins immediately when you hire us, both in and out of court. Your future deserves no less.

A Former Prosecutor Familiar With High-Stakes Trials

In his capacity as a prosecutor for the state of New York, Michael Fineman helped the government bring charges against defendants accused of serious criminal violations. As a private criminal defense attorney, he has since vigorously defended clients against criminal accusations. This experience has made him familiar with the way in which the government builds criminal cases. He understands how police should act. He knows the next likely steps the prosecution will take, and he can help you understand the entire process and how best to defend your rights.

Mr. Fineman has the skill and practical knowledge to prepare your case for a thorough defense in court. While he will explore every option to mitigate penalties or have the charges dropped, he is comfortable in the courtroom in even the most serious criminal cases. His stellar track record and ability have earned him the respect of prosecutors, judges and previous clients.

Comprehensive Defense Of Sex Crime Charges

We defend clients accused of:

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