Spousal Support Can Be Critical For Your Financial Independence

When you experience divorce, your finances can change overnight. You or your spouse will likely move out of your marital home and you will start separating your finances. This can be incredibly emotional and unsettling. Having an experienced attorney at your side can be calming and reassuring.

The Law Office of Michael Fineman, Esq. PC, assists people in seeking spousal support, also known as alimony. For over 15 years, Manhattan attorney Michael Fineman has worked with people going through divorce. He can help you work through alimony agreements so you can maintain your quality of life and security for your children and for you.

Reasons Someone May Qualify For Spousal Support

In some circumstances, one spouse may have foregone career advancement or an education in order to care for the home or family. Perhaps one spouse supported the other's business. In such cases, the court may order alimony so that the receiving spouse is given an opportunity to further their education and be self-supporting.

Unlike child support, there is no requirement that the court order alimony. Judges have discretion in whether to award alimony, and if so, its amount. Having an experienced lawyer is invaluable in such circumstances, as there should be a clear and complete picture of your financial situation to determine whether alimony is appropriate.

Many Considerations In Determining Maintenance

Child support is calculated using more a formula, whereas spousal support has many more factors considered in determining the amount that will be awarded. Some of these factors are:

  • How long the two people were married
  • Potential lifetime earnings of both parties
  • Each person's age at the time of divorce
  • How healthy each spouse is and their expected life span
  • The property and earnings of each person
  • Ability to be financially independent

An attorney can help you seek the support you need to maintain your lifestyle and live independently.

Get Experienced Legal Advice

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