Criminal Defense

Experienced and Trusted 

Michael Fineman has the experience and skill as a criminal trial lawyer to provide outstanding representation in a wide variety of criminal law matters. A former prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer in practice since 2001, he has handled thousands of cases in both New York State Courts and the Federal Courts in the Eastern, Southern, and Northern District of New York, and the District of New Jersey.

While his experience provides insight into how to prepare an effect strategy for trial, he realizes on a personal level that you are experiencing a particularly difficult time. When you are involved in the criminal justice system, it is easy to become overwhelmed. At the Law Office of Michael Fineman, Esq. PC, you will receive effective advice regarding your legal options based on years of experience and an outstanding knowledge of the law. We are available to provide a personal, client-oriented service that puts your interests first.


Michael Fineman, Esq. has a track record of getting favorable outcomes for his clients. Mr. Fineman has an impressive record of acquittals and dismissals. Although every case is different, Michael Fineman's approach is always the same, to work as hard as possible to get his clients the best result he can, even in the most difficult and complex cases. 

Notable Areas of Focus

Arrest and Arraignment

All criminal cases start with an arrest and an arraignment. This can be a very startling and stressful event for the client and their family. In this section we will explain the process and how an experienced criminal defense attorney like Michael Fineman, Esq. can make this process as painless as possible. A good criminal defense lawyer will work to minimize the time spent in custody waiting to see the judge and tofacilitate the client's release.

Federal Criminal Cases

Federal criminal cases pose very different and complicated issues and problems for clients. Typically, federal authorities have spent many months investigating and building a case against the client. Federal criminal cases also tend to involve more complex subject matter such as insurance fraud or money laundering. Finally, federal cases involve a complicated sentencing scheme. In this section we will introduce you to federal criminal defense.

DWI/DUI Defense

DWI cases are some of the most difficult cases that clients can encounter. Due to public policy and as a result of the efforts of a variety of lobbying groups, people accused of driving while they are intoxicated are faced with both criminal and administrative consequences that often seem like a maze. An experienced DWI defense attorney can often mean the difference between a clean record and a criminal conviction and many other problems.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are uniquely complicated and frequently charged offenses. There are unique considerations for subjects such as mandatory minimum sentences and available treatment alternatives to incarceration. Please review this section for more information regarding narcotics cases. 

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